Education is compulsory - school is optional
Cost: Free

Build robots and 3D games,  laser taggers and RC cars this Easter and summer as you learn coding and electronics at Tech Camp’s exciting courses for keen techies aged 9-17. Build and take home your own 3D printer, fly racing drones, join the robowars arena or write your own computer games. Learn to programme a robot and take it home to code! We have home-educated campers and tutors at our courses, particularly at our residential base, where you can also enjoy STEM based evening activities with like-minded campers, including reverse engineering, the soldering Olympics and laser tag.

 There is £25 discount for home educated students using HED20 when you book. For more information, HE testimonials and bookings, go to our website.

A dozen brightly-dressed children in line, reaching upward and smiling