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Here is a list of resources aimed at assisting with family health and wellbeing during the Coronavirus crisis, including resources about explaining the crisis to children.



NHS advice: 

A child-friendly video explaining Coronavirus: 
Information video on Coronavirus for older children/adults, by WHO:

Child Wellbeing

Supporting Children/Adolescents Wellbeing
Living Life to the Full for Young People - online skills course.  Currently free:
Mindheart Covibook - Support and reassurance for children under 7 in multiple languages

Adult Wellbeing

Coronavirus and your wellbeing, by Mind UK: 
5 ways to wellbeing, by Mindkit: 
Living Life to the Full - Online wellbeing course and resources
Tutorful - Expert parents guide to childhood anxiety

Talking to Children

Advice on talking to children about Coronavirus, by British Psychological Society: 
How to talk to your child about coronavirus, by Childmind: 
Child-friendly, illustrated explanation of Coronavirus for Primary age students: 

Special Needs

MenCap easy read information sheet:


A dozen brightly-dressed children in line, reaching upward and smiling