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  • Fe Mukwamba-Sendall (Chair)
  • Tom Crellin (Treasurer & Secretary)
  • Graeme Evans (Membership)
  • Sarah Willans

Important Notice re Jonathan Adams & Ljubica Temelkoska-Adams

The above named people do not represent Education Otherwise Association Ltd.

Following a number of complaints from volunteers and suppliers to the charity, Mr Adams was subject to disciplinary proceedings last year. After following the proper process, including offering opportunities for him to state his case and to appeal the decision, Mr Adams' membership of the charity was revoked in December and no appeal has been received.

Mrs Temelkoska-Adams shared a family membership with Mr Adams. She was offered the opportunity to re-join in her own right but did not take up the offer. As they are not members, neither Mr or Mrs Adams have any rights to act as officers, volunteers or representatives of the charity.

Please note that neither Mr or Mrs Adams have appealed the decision to revoke their membership either with the charity or with any court or tribunal. It is therefore entirely incorrect for them to suggest that the matter is in dispute.

We are aware that the above named are continuing to act as if they are officers of the charity despite clear legal advice that their actions are without merit. They have also been warned that their use of the domain ‘’ is entirely unauthorised. The official domain of the organisation is ‘’ and genuine volunteers and representatives of the charity will use email addresses from this domain.

Further disciplinary proceedings are currently in progress which Education Otherwise is not in a position to comment on at this time.

Should you receive communication from any person claiming to be from Education Otherwise, including any of the current trustees listed on the website, and that email does not come from an email address, please contact for clarification.